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Entertainment extravaganza takes off at Manchester Airport

19 July 2002

Manchester Airport has launched a programme of entertainment to welcome passengers arriving for the Commonwealth Games.

Airport entertainment

What A Palaver providing entertainment for passengers at the airport

The celebrations, which last for a fortnight, include music and street theatre style entertainment.

The first athletes to get a taste were Canada and Australia who were treated to antics from artistes Rob Sim and Ian Adcock of What A Palaver.

The unicycling duo treated passengers to an eye-watering bed of nails routine which involved passengers standing on Sim whilst he lay on the bed of nails.

The Canadian athletes were made to feel at home with a rendition of the classic Canadian tune, The Maple Leaf Rag, played by New Orleans-style jazz band, French Connection. Unsurprisingly, Waltzing Matilda was played when the Australians arrived.

Other musical acts included The Didge Guru, Pat Maloney playing the didgeridoo and solo artist Cameron Hinds representing the West Indies, with some reggae and Caribbean-infused rock.

Manchester Airport managing director, John Spooner said: "It is great to see the airport so alive with the spirit of the Games. We pride ourselves on offering great service and a warm welcome to all our passengers and I think everyone here is enjoying the carnival atmosphere."

Manchester Airport chairman, councillor Brian Harrison, said: "We are an official sponsor of the Commonwealth Games and the Cultureshock programme of arts events, so we wanted to offer the athletes and other visitors to the Games a really wonderful and exciting welcome to Manchester."

The entertainment runs from now until 26 July for the main arrivals and then again on 5 and 6 August when most teams will depart Manchester.

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