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Campbell to carry England flag


Darren Campbell will carry the flag at the head of the England contingent at Thursdayís opening ceremony.

Darren Campbell

The sprinter, who runs for the Manchester track and field club, Trafford AC, said he had heard from his agent on Tuesday that he had been picked as a result of a vote by the English competitors.

The Olympic 200m silver medallist said: ďI could never have dreamt, going back 18 months ago, that Iíd be carrying the flag for the England team. Itís a great honour and Iím really looking forward to it.Ē

Campbell is also eagerly anticipating running in the 200m event at the Games. ďItís a great opportunity for me to go out there and make my mark on the sport, so Iím really looking forward to it. Iím not nervous at all. In fact, Iím more nervous about carrying the flag in opening ceremony. Trainingís going really well. Iím feeling very positive about it.Ē

On the opposition he faces in the event, he said: ďYou can only control what you do. Put it this way, itís going to take something special to beat me. Iím on a very emotional high at the moment. Things just keep getting better and better. So Iíll go out there and do my best and hopefully my best will be good enough.

ďTeam England are very confident at the moment. We know weíve got the advantage of the home crowd. Obviously we canít make predictions on how many medals we might win but as long as we go out and give 100 per cent, who knows what can happen?

ďThe cityís been excited for a long time now, but I donít think you can let that get to you. Itís one of those chances that you have to experience something special, so if you go out there nervous, youíre not going to enjoy itĒ.

Campbell was also very enthusiastic about the Games being held in the north-west. ďLetís not look at London as being the focal point of the whole of the country. I think thatís why all the Mancunians have got behind it, because we know the north can put on a good games and I think weíre going to show that.Ē

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