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Spectators warned not to buy fake programmes

27 July 2002

Commonwealth Games organisers are warning spectators to be on their guard against fake programmes being sold in Manchester.

Kit at the Sportcity superstore

Only buy your merchandise from official outlets

Rogue traders at park and ride and park and walk sites have been selling a counterfeit Commonwealth Games Events Programme for £7.

The programme, which is not an official product, is an A4 booklet with a green cover and the Games logo in one corner. It has the words “Event Programme” and a price of £7 on the cover. Inside is a poor quality black and white reproduction of the Games event schedule.

Trading Standards officers and the police are currently tracking the sellers and have received reports of them operating around the Sportcity area, Heaton Park, Rivington and the city centre.

Jason Harborow, general manager commercial at Manchester 2002 said: “It’s very important that people only buy official merchandise. Our own vendors are easily identifiable inside and outside venues.

“If you have any concerns about items of merchandise being sold, don’t buy it and wait until you get to venues or official outlets where you can be sure that you’re buying the genuine thing.”

Manchester 2002 has a range of official publications. These include the Official Souvenir brochure (priced £5) which can be purchased at official merchandise outlets and via our own vendors at Park and Ride sites and around the city. This is the only official publication being sold by street vendors.

Official and daily programmes are only available in venues and the official souvenir magazine from supermarkets and newsagents.

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