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Top tickets still available


Snap up the last remaining tickets for Manchester 2002 and come and join the fun.

Mad Ferret

Manchester 2002's Mad Ferret says: "C'mon, join the fun!"

Itís still not too late to buy tickets for the Commonwealth Games.

As Manchester 2002 bewitches the UK and Commonwealth, there are still some great tickets available... available to last gasp folks who want to grab a bit of Manchester 2002... the greatest English sporting spectacle since the 1966 World Cup!

As the debates begin about how anyone can follow Manchester 2002, make sure you have your own piece of sporting memory firmly tucked away!

Manchester 2002 - a once in a life time experience!

Visit the ticketing section for purchasing information.

Tickets still available include:

4 August

  • Closing Ceremony £100, £165

  • Wrestling £7-£15

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