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Manchester goes pin crazy

02 August 2002

Thousands of Commonwealth Games pin badges have been snapped up by collectors wanting a unique souvenir of the event.

C'mon England pin badge

Only a few thousand are left from over 500,000 that have been produced in dozens of different designs.

Enthusiasts are swapping pins on the internet or wearing two of the same to show fellow collectors that they have pins for sale.

The opening ceremony pin sold out on the first night and is now being sold for up to twice its original price. Similar demand is expected for the limited edition closing ceremony pin which goes on sale on Sunday.

Days of the Games pins are selling out every day by midday and as only 200 are produced for each of the 11 days, they are fast becoming some of the most sought-after pins.

Mascot pins featuring Kit and Mad Ferret have almost sold out, with some designs including Kit with the England flag no longer available. And five or six pin designs featuring the Games logo have completely sold out.

Jason Harborow, general manager commercial at Manchester 2002, said: “Pin badges have been enormously popular as pin fever has spread across the city.

“Lots of people are buying a pin for the sporting event they go to see, a logo pin and a flag pin of the country they’re supporting. They’re buying these pins as a souvenir of their time at the Games and as a collectible.

“It looks like virtually every pin will have been sold by the end of the Games and as they won’t ever be made again, they will be very rare and become more and more valuable over the years.”

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