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Authorised Link Programme

Manchester 2002 Authorised Link
The Authorised Link Programme is aimed specifically at organisations in the voluntary, educational and community sectors that have websites and wish to promote the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games on their websites.

Successful applicant organisations will be sent instructions enabling them to display an Authorised Link logo on their sites in a manner approved by Manchester 2002. The banner remains the intellectual property of Manchester 2002 and may only be used in a manner approved by Manchester 2002.

Please note that this programme is specific to organisations in the above mentioned sectors only.

To apply to become an Authorised Link Programme participant, please send an email to editorial@manchester2002.co.uk and include the following information:-

E-mail Address:
Organisation Name:
Organisation Function (activity of the business):
Telephone Number:
Web Site Address:

You will then be contacted by our Authorised Link Programme team.

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