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Frequently Asked Questions

The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay

Q. What is The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay?
A. The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay is an integral part of the Commonwealth Games history and allows millions of people a chance to be directly involved in the Games.
The Baton, containing a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty The Queen, travels by various modes of transport and is carried by thousands of Runners. The final Runner hands the Baton back to The Queen, who releases the message from the Baton and reads it to the Commonwealth Nations to formally open the first Commonwealth Games of the 21st Century.

Q. Where does the Relay go?
A. The Relay began its epic journey, leaving from Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day, 11 March 2002. It will travel to approximately 22 Commonwealth countries, before returning to the UK on 6 June 2002. The Relay will then travel throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, The Channel Islands, Wales and England for 50 days. On the 25 July 2002 The Baton is carried into the City of Manchester Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the XVII Commonwealth Games.

Q. How will the Baton travel throughout the United Kingdom?
A. The Baton will travel for approximately nine hours each day, predominantly carried by Runners. The Baton will also travel by various forms of transport including train, horse, canal boat, hovercraft and Penny Farthing, showcasing the heritage and innovation of the United Kingdom.

Q. How many Runners will carry the Baton?
A. The Baton will be carried by 5,000 individuals throughout the UK, with each Runner carrying the Baton up to 500 yards. Included in the 5,000 Runners are athletes, community representatives, celebrities, sponsors and a wide cross section of people from all walks of life.

Q. What is a Jubilee Runner?
A. A Jubilee Runner is someone who has been nominated for making a special contribution to their community, improving the lives of others or achieving a personal goal against all odds.

Q. How were Jubilee Runners nominated?
A. By writing in 80 words or less on an official nomination form, you could nominate yourself or a friend, relative or someone you know to be a Jubilee Runner. The nomination process was open from 25 October 2001 to 7 January 2002 and is now closed.

Q. How were Jubilee Runners chosen?
A. All Jubilee Runner nominations were judged individually using a merit system, under the supervision of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Q. When were the Runners announced?
A. Successful Runners for the Relay were announced on 7 February 2002

Q. What does The Baton look like?
A. The Baton, officially launched by Her Majesty The Queen in October 2001, is a state of the art, unique piece of technology with the rhythm of a human heartbeat as the core of the design. The electronic 'pulse', visible through a series of beating lights, responds to the rhythm of the Runner's heartbeat and synchronises with that of each new Runner.

Q. Will the Relay be coming to my town?
A. The National Route of the Relay is designed to pass within one hour's drive of 95% of the population in the United Kingdom. Full details of The National Relay Route is available in our Baton Relay section.

Q. How was the Relay route chosen?
A. The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay is a complex road event and selecting the Relay Route requires a balance of logistics, priorities and local consultation. Population, scenic and historical attributes, sporting fixtures, events, transport modes and many other areas are considered.

Q. How many days does the Relay spend in each nation?
A. Local population is the overriding factor in determining where The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay travels. The number of days spent in a nation is decided by the percentage of population a nation has against the overall population of the UK. For example, if Scotland had 10% of the UK's population, then the Relay would spend about five days out of the 50 days in Scotland.

Q. Will there be celebrations along the Relay Route?
A. Yes. Every evening there will be a celebration where the local community comes together and celebrates the arrival of The Baton.

Q. Who travels with the Baton on the road?
A. The Relay has approximately 120 people and 33 vehicles on the road, to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation.

Q. Who travels with the Baton on the road?
A. The Relay has approximately 120 people and 33 vehicles on the road, to ensure a smooth day-to-day operation.

Q. What is Cadbury's involvement in the Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay?
A. Cadbury are the Official Presenting Partner of The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay.

Q. How can people become involved if they are not selected as a Runner and the Relay will not pass through their town?
A. People can travel to a town close by to see the Relay pass by or attend any of the evening celebrations. Contact the M2002 Games Information Service on 0870 609 2002 to check your nearest town or local celebrations.

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