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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I get details on accommodation, availability and prices?
A. Sportsworld Group PLC have been appointed as the 'Official accommodation management company of the XVII Commonwealth Games'. Their vast experience includes nine Olympic Games, 5 Fifa World Cup's and more importantly five Commonwealth Games. Contact details:

Sportsworld Group PLC
New Abbey Court
Stert Street
OX14 3JZ

Tel: 01235 554844
Fax: 01235 537768
Email: travel@sportsworld-group.plc.uk

Q. Where can I get further information about attractions in Manchester?
A. www.manchesteronline.co.uk
Manchester Visitor Information Centre
Tel: 0161 234 3157/8 Minicom only: 0161 234 3355
Website: www.destinationmanchester.com

Q. I live in Southampton. Will you provide accommodation?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot provide free accommodation. However, Sportsworld, the 'Official Accommodation Management Company of the XVII Commonwealth Games' can provide further details on accommodation. (See above)

Q. I would like to rent my house out. Who do I need to speak to?
A. M2002 is not compiling a register of, or promoting the use of private housing. Previous Commonwealth Games and the fact there are ample hotels in Manchester indicates that there will not be a demand for it. The Games has secured sufficient accommodation for athletes, officials etc who will be staying in the Games Village, hotels, university accommodation etc.

Q. Will I be able to pitch my tent somewhere? Where is the best place?
A. The Visitor Information Centre will be able to advise on this.

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