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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What urban regeneration will the Games create?
A. The Games have already been the catalyst for the regeneration of East Manchester and the Ashton Canal corridor.

A total of 103 million is already committed to Sportcity. The Games has also been the catalyst for a number of major physical improvements, including Piccadilly Plaza and Gardens and the Ancoats Urban Village.
In addition, there are a number of other developments across the region, including the 16.5M investment of the Economic and Social Legacy programme which involves significant investment in health, educational, social and business programmes in over 35 local authority areas, including the Pre-Volunteer Programme, the Commonwealth Curriculum Pack, and specific projects to benefit North West businesses.

Q. What is the legacy to the region after the Games?
A. The physical improvements to the City will be far reaching. The regeneration of East Manchester is a key objective of Manchester City Council and the development of Sportcity at Eastlands, with the Stadium as its centrepiece, is crucial to the regeneration strategy for this area of the city.

Sportcity will become a designated English Institute of Sport - one of 10 centres of excellence for sports training and development. East Manchester, over the next 10-15 years is aiming to attract a total investment plan of more than 400 million - an investment unparalleled in both its size and complexity. The Commonwealth Games in 2002 is the catalyst for all of this happening.
The regional Economic and Social scheme runs to 2005, ensuring that programme provides a lasting legacy.

Q. What are the plans for venues/stadium after the Games?
A. The swimming complex, owned by the three universities of Manchester and Manchester City Council, will be a resource for the community as well as a centre for elite training.

This long-term strategy is crucial and the programme is needed to satisfy the Sport England lottery funders.
The Stadium will become the home ground for Manchester City Football Club.
The other elements of Sportcity, the athletics facility, indoor tennis and squash facilities will be used by regional and local clubs and will become a centre of excellence in sports training of the North West and for community use.

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