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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many sports are there in the Games?
A. There are 17 sports - 14 individual and three team sports.

Q. Which team sports are in the Games?
A. Hockey, Netball and Rugby 7s.

Q. Are we in danger of creating a 'white elephant', like the Sheffield Student Games?
A. No. Firstly, the Student Games in Sheffield were not a 'white elephant'. The sports programme itself was of a very high level and its presentation gained many plaudits from International Sports Federations. This undoubtedly gave many ISFs a renewed positive view of the ability of UK governing bodies; for example, look at the number of World Championships held in the UK since that time and with those related to our own Games:

  • Badminton

  • Cycling

  • Gymnastics

  • Judo

  • Netball

  • Triathlon

  • Table Tennis

Secondly, the fact that the facilities were built has allowed many events to be brought to Sheffield and, from this, inward investment has been quite substantial together with job creation.

There is no reason to suggest that the same will not happen in Manchester.

Q. Why does the number of competing teams vary between each Games?
A. The number of teams competing in the Commonwealth Games is dependent upon the number of countries in the Commonwealth itself as, from year to year countries are admitted and suspended, for various reasons.

The number of teams is also dependent upon the final sports programmes established for each Games.

Q. What about sports for elite athletes with a disability - is this tokenism?
A. Manchester will hold the first ever fully inclusive Games.

200 elite athletes with a disability will compete over eight events during the same ten day period as able bodied athletes.

With medals counting towards the overall medal table all athletes will be accommodated together, although there is a finite number of athletes that can be accommodated in the Games.

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