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Frequently Asked Questions


Tickets are selling fast so log onto www.comonwealthgames.com or call 0870 162 2002 today!

Q. How and when can the public buy tickets?
A. Now. Phase 2 has now commenced with live sales via the Internet or telephone.

Phase three: Official outlet sales.

  • Ticketmaster will set up and operate outlet ticket sales centres from 1 June 2002 through to the end of the Games. These will be located at Ticketmaster outlets within the United Kingdom.
Phase four - venue sales
  • Ticketmaster will set up and operate the venue ticket box offices from 25 July 2002 through until the end of the Games.
Q. How much do tickets cost?
A. Tickets are available from 5 with over half of tickets costing 10 or less.

There is no charge for six events; the marathon in the city centre, road cycling and mountain biking at Rivington (Bolton), the triathlon and walks at Salford Quays and shooting at Bisley Park (Surrey).

For a full listing of prices please call 0870 162 2002 or log onto www.commonwealthgames.com.

Q. Do I need to pay a booking fee when I purchase tickets?
A. There are no booking fees or postage and packing fees. You only pay for the face value of the ticket.

Q. Will there be discounts for students, children and seniors?
A. There are no discounts for students, children or seniors. This is in common practice with other major sporting events such as Rugby World Cup, Euro '96 and World Cup football.

We have deliberately priced over half the tickets at 10 or under. That means that a family of four could attend the 2002 Games for 40, which compares with a family ticket for 60 at Alton Towers or 68.00 for two adults and two children at Legoland. Children under the age of two-years-old are admitted free, provided that they do not occupy a seat.

Q. How will you make sure that individuals don't buy a large number of tickets to sell on the street at Games time?
A. There was a limit of one order per household during the initial mail order and Internet sales phase. Although there are now no limits on orders, customers who wish to purchase 20 or more tickets per session have to first agree to M2002's terms and conditions which are as follows:

Tickets must not be re-sold or transferred, used in lotteries and competitions, included in travel or hospitality packages, handled in any way which conflicts with any M2002 sponsorship or commercial arrangements or dealt with in any other way whatsoever which is not in accordance with private use.

Q. How will you stop people forging tickets?
A. A number of security measures will be incorporated into the tickets. We will not specify what these are for obvious reasons.

Q. What provision will there be for disabled spectators at Games time venues?
A. There will be wheelchair locations and companion seats at all competition venues. There will also be some 'easy access seats' available and these will be as close to exits as possible, with as few stairs as possible.

When applying for tickets, disabled spectators simply complete the section 'Services for disabled spectators' on the Internet or request these services over the telephone or on the application form. Disabled spectators also have the opportunity to request additional facilities, where these services are available. These services include commentary for visually impaired people and access to an induction loop for people with a hearing impairment.

In addition a service called GamesMobility will operate during the Games. This is a service for disabled spectators. It will include the short-term loan of wheelchairs, powered scooters and the provision of escorts to assist with movement both to and around Commonwealth Games venues. Further information will be issued on request.

Q. Why are there no seating plans available?
A. As is common with international multi-sports events, the exact seating configuration at the venues will not be known until closer to the start of the Games. The price categories will best reflect the location of the seats. You can assume that the top price seats are in the blocks that are closest and most central to the field of play and that the lesser price tickets would be in blocks that are further and less central.

Q. Why can't people learn their seat locations when buying their tickets so far in advance?
A. Due to the fact that seating plans are still in the process of being finalised, we can only offer tickets that are in a set price range, rather than a specific area within the venue. We may sell tickets during Games time from our box offices, which will be sold to specific seats; however it is highly likely that the best seats would have already been taken in the early stages of sales. We are advising people to apply for the ticket category that best suits them in terms of what they are prepared to spend, and to apply as early as possible.

Q. If I buy a ticket to the morning and the evening session of the same sport on the same day do I have to leave the venue in between?
A. Yes, the venue will be closed after the first session is complete for security reasons and to allow time for the venue to be cleaned.

Q. My son/daughter is competing in the Games, are we entitled to tickets?
A. No, they are not entitled to tickets. Parents should purchase tickets by calling 0870 162 2002 or logging onto www.commonwealthgames.com. If tickets are not available they need to contact the Commonwealth Games Association of the country their son/daughter is competing for.

Q. Are there any complimentary tickets which organisations/charities can apply for?
A. No. M2002 are a publicly funded organisation and therefore are unable to give away complimentary tickets or gifts.

Q. I am interested in purchasing tickets for my company as part of a hospitality package, how do I do this?
A. M2002 have appointed an official event management company, Sodexho Prestige, who are coordinating all hospitality sales and operations. Companies should call the dedicated sales/information line on 020 8601 2013 or email their details below to commonwealth.games@sodexho.co.uk
  • Contact name
  • Business name
  • Business activity
  • Postal address
  • Telephone Number
Q. How do residents of Commonwealth countries apply for tickets?
A. Those individuals living outside the UK and in Commonwealth nations need to apply through their Commonwealth Games Association or an appointed general sales agent. For details please visit www.commonwealthgames.com and check the section titled 'Overseas Commonwealth ticket applications'. If you do not have access to the Internet please telephone 0870 162 2002 and select option 1 (enquiries) for details.

Q. When will I receive the tickets?
A. It is anticipated that tickets will be sent by post to customers in June 2002.

Q. How do customers who don't have a credit/debit card book tickets?
A. Customers who want to book tickets and pay with a cheque need to complete a paper application form. These are available by calling 0870 162 2002 and selecting option 1 (enquiries).

Q. Who do I contact if I move house after I have pre-purchased tickets?
A. The address customers provide on their applications is the location to which tickets are sent. If a customer's address changes, he/she must submit the change of address in writing to Manchester 2002 Limited, PO Box 2002, Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 0UN. Please quote your ticket booking reference number on the change of address notice.

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