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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I get to... ...by public transport?
A. For information on travelling by bus call the general enquiry line on 0161 228 7811 or use the GMPTE games website.

For information on travelling by tram call the Metrolink general enquiry line 0161 205 2000.

For travel by rail call national rail enquiries 0845 7484950 (calls charged at local rate).

Also look at the section entitled spectator information on this website.

Two free dedicated shuttle bus services will operate from Piccadilly Gardens/Piccadilly Station and from Victoria Station/Cannon St Bus Station to Sportscity between 08.00 and 24.00 throughout the Games for those who have Sportcity spectator tickets.

GMPTE is working with local operators to enhance evening and all night services at Games time. In addition, local train services will operate extended hours through to around 01.00 hrs. Full details on the GMPTE games website.

Full Games time schedules will be available in July.

Q. Will there be disabled parking at all the venues?
A. Every effort will be made to provide facilities for disabled people at all venues but facilities at each venue may vary. View the services for disabled spectators section of this website.

Q. What contingencies do you have for traffic congestion?
A. 25 July – 4 August is normally the quietest fortnight of the year due to holidays and so the impact of the Games will be less than might have been expected. Three major park & ride schemes will be operating from Heaton Park, Manchester United Football Ground and Lancashire County Cricket Club. An extensive temporary signing strategy will be used to encourage visitors to use routes which are able to cope with additional traffic.

Q. How are visitors/spectators going to get to the stadium and other venues?
A. To the Stadium:

Bus shuttle (free) from Piccadilly Gardens/Chorlton St Bus Station/Piccadilly Station and Victoria Station/Cannon St Bus Station.
Park & ride (£5) from Manchester United, Lancashire County Cricket Club and Heaton Park.
Park & walk from various temporary facilities within (approx) 1 km.

A. To the city centre:

Normal public transport plus late evening enhancements (details to be decided).
Normal city centre car parks.
Park & ride (£5) from Manchester United, Lancashire County Cricket Club and Heaton Park.

A. To other venues:

Normal public transport plus late evening enhancements plus all night services on main routes.
Some additional car parking facilities.

Q. Is there going to be a bus shuttle service from the centre of Manchester and if so where from?
A. Yes - see above.

Q. Is there going to be a park and ride service for those coming to the area by private transport as there is no parking at the stadium, and where will it be sited?
A. Yes – see above.

Q. Is there going to be parking for the disabled at the stadium?
A. Yes – details can be seen here.

Q. Will the cost of a rail ticket include shuttle bus service cost?
A. Shuttle bus will be free to everybody with a Games ticket.

Q. Is there going to be free transport for people with tickets for events?
A. Only on the two stadium shuttles.

Q. Is there going to be a park and ride map?
A. You can view park and ride maps here.

Q. How late are the trains going to run at night?
A. Until approximately 01.00 hrs.

Q. Will normal bus services such as the no 53 which goes down Queens Road to the stadium be running later in the evening to accommodate visitors leaving evening events?
A. There will be later services (see above). Service 53 is to be strengthened during the day.

Q. Will rail passengers have to make their way to the bus station at Piccadilly Gardens to pick up transport or will there be shuttle buses outside the station? If so, outside which stations?
A. Shuttle will serve Chorlton Street coach station and Piccadilly and Victoria railway stations.

Q. Will there be a coach park either on site or close by? If not, is there a drop-off and collection area? Also where would the coaches be expected to park if there is no coach park?
A. Stadium will have designated coach parking area. Coaches may have to seek parking outside the city centre until they are ready to pick up.

Q. Will there be any special fares available?
A. Not yet decided.

Q. Will there be extended general rail services within the catchment area (north west) to enable day visitors to get home?
A. Yes. Contact GMPTE for details.

Q. Is there to be a shuttle bus from the Ashton area to Sportcity?
A. No. Existing services along Ashton New Road will operate as normal.

Q. Are extra buses available?
A. Will be if needed.

Q. Will there be a ‘runabout’ or ‘daily’ ticket?
A. There already is one.

Q. Will there be a purpose made map showing bus routes to the various events?
A. Still under discussion.

Q. Will extra trains be running from Lytham St Anne’s or Blackpool North for the duration of the games?
A. Basic service will remain unchanged. Some trains may be strengthened. Additional late evening services to Blackpool North.

Q. Will amended train timetables be issued to tourist information centres?
A. Yes.

Q. Stagecoach buses, will there be any buses from Lytham St Annes area?
A. That is a Stagecoach decision.

Q. What transport arrangements have been made for venues out of Manchester, Bolton et cetera?
A. Additional stops to increase the level of service to Horwich Parkway which is adjacent to Bolton Arena. Shuttle bus from there and park & ride from Reebok to Rivington on event days.

Q. Will bus and train timetable be altered for the duration of the Games?
A. Basic service will remain unchanged. Some strengthening (as described earlier).

Q. When will the timetables be available?
A. Final details end of June.

Q. Will there be special offers for ticket holders?
A. Still under discussion.

Q. Will there be a special fare or ticket for the games – for example a £2 Games ticket or weekly travel card that will get you to and from the site on your choice of public transport from anywhere in the GM area?
A. Still under discussion.

Q. How can you book and through who for coach parking or is it on demand on the day?
A. Coach parking is on demand on the day, but the PTE is proposing to run a coach booking service.

Q. What are the exact locations of the park and ride. i.e. is it Old Trafford MUFC car park and where at Heaton Park?
A. Directions are available at the park & ride section on this site.

As a final postscript, it is important to stress that whilst M2002/GMPTE have been working closely with Operators to ensure that public transport services will be enhances at Games time, operators will retain their commercial freedom to provide additional services. Details of any such commercial enhancements/fare initiatives may not be available until 42 days before the Games.

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