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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is the minimum age for volunteers 16-years-old?
A. Because if we have volunteers under 16-years-old we have to ensure that the laws relating to the protection of minors is enforced. The legal working age is 16. Our insurance plan covers workers 16 years of age and older. There is no upper age limit.

Q. What is the pre-volunteer programme?
A. The pre-volunteer programme is a scheme to open up the opportunity to participate as a volunteer to those in the most disadvantaged areas across the North West. It is also designed to assist those on the programme to gain new skills and experience to obtain employment. To encourage all members of our society to take part the PVP will target the following specific groups:

  • People living within defined regeneration areas across the North West
  • Young people aged 16 - 24 years old
  • Unemployed people
  • People from ethnic minority communities
  • People with disabilities.
Those on the PVP will take a nationally accredited course specifically designed to help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to act as an event volunteer, or to develop skills in sports development.

The training course is delivered over 30 hours, leading to an Open College Federation (Level 1) qualification. The course content includes:
  • Customer Care
  • Background to the leisure industry and the Commonwealth Games
  • First aid
  • Health & safety
  • Assisting in the organisation of a sports events

Working Expectations

Q. What do I get for being a volunteer?
A. Volunteering is about making a contribution and being involved. It's about welcoming the world to Manchester and being the face of the Games. The rewards will be personal in that volunteers will have the opportunity to be a part of history, to make new friends and to create a legacy of volunteers for Manchester.

In addition, volunteers will be provided with:

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stage the best ever commonwealth Games
  • An official XVII Commonwealth Games uniform
  • Meals and beverages while working
  • A certificate of recognition as a memento of your Commonwealth Games experience
  • Great training
  • Opportunities to meet new friends and work in teams
Q. Why do I have to wear a uniform?
A. Each volunteer will be issued free of charge an official Games uniform. This will identify them as a valued member of the team and will enable spectators and others to know who can help them at the venues. One of the requirements to be a volunteer is that they are willing to wear the official Games uniform.

Q. Will volunteers get to keep their uniforms after the Games?
A. Yes.

Q. Do volunteers get free tickets for events?
A. No. This also applies to staff of the Organising committee.


Q. Will there be any training?
A. Yes, a well-trained workforce will be essential to the success of the Games, we will deliver a comprehensive training programme for all volunteers. A variety of training sessions will take place from March 2002 right up to the Games.


Q. When will I know what my shifts are for Games time?
A. Your Functional Area representative will be contacting you to ask if there are any exceptions to days you can work during the Games. Once they have these, then they will send you your official roster.

Q. What if I need to arrange for a holiday and need my schedule now?
A. Contact your FA representative and discuss the exception with them now.

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