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Spirit of Friendship Festival *

A guide for event organisers

If you would like to take part and count yourself in to Britain's biggest cultural event for decades then you'll find all you need to know on this factpack page.

Hawkshaw village fete

The Games are clebrated at Hawkshaw village gala

What is the Spirit of Friendship Festival?

The Spirit of Friendship Festival is an invitation to join us for 150 days of nationwide celebrations running from 11 March to 10 August 2002, culminating with the XVII Commonwealth Games which take place in Manchester from 25 July to 4 August 2002.

There are four main themes: sport, education, culture & the arts and community and jubilee celebrations, representing a vibrant, exciting and unrivalled summer of festivity and fun!

The Spirit of Friendship Festival will be closely linked with celebrations for the Queen's Golden Jubilee - many local communities, schools, voluntary groups and arts organisations are staging combined events - marking 2002 as a very special year.

If you are planning an activity with a Golden Jubilee theme, visit the Golden Jubilee website or telephone 0845 000 2002 for information on how to access the official emblem and stage events.

If you require a copy of this factpack as audiotape, large print or braille please call 0870 241 7372.

For people with a hearing impairment a minicom service is available on 0870 241 7369.

For most of us, competing in the new £150 million City of Manchester Stadium is but a remote dream... 18,000 people, the majority being volunteers, will form Crew 2002 helping to deliver the best Games ever... one million spectators are expected to attend the Games and a TV audience of one billion will tune in to watch the competition.

The Spirit of Friendship Festival means you too can be part of the Games experience and its wider celebrations, wherever you are. Key themes of the Festival are youth, diversity, inclusiveness and a celebration of the many cultures reflected across the 72 nations of the Commonwealth.

Being part of such a major nationwide festival brings obvious benefits in terms of generating local publicity for your event. The BBC is planning high profile coverage, which, together with national press stories and online activity, means high levels of awareness for the main Festival programme are assured.

To register your event and for permission to use our logo, you need to meet and abide by certain criteria. Please read our guidelines and associated terms and conditions below, then complete and return a registration form.

The Spirit of Friendship Festival will shortly have available a range of items which will help your event be colourful, special and clearly part of our celebrations, e.g. t-shirts, flags, banners etc. These items will be available for purchase from early in 2002 by individuals or organisations for use at events and activities. Watch this website for more details.

How to register

In registering your event you are deemed automatically to agree to all our guidelines and associated terms and conditions – we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at our discretion.

Please complete the registration form - you will find a link at the bottom of this page. We'd like you to confirm everything relating to the event - tell us when, where, what's planned, your target audience and your promotional plans.

We will respond by sending you a feedback form and your unique Spirit of Friendship Festival registration number.

We would be pleased if you would return the feedback form to us when your event has finished and include with it photographs, publicity material and press cuttings etc. This information may be included in the general record of The Spirit of Friendship Festival and may potentially become part of an exhibition, book and website. We regret that we are unable to return photographs or other publicity material to you.

General guidelines

  • The organisers of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the Spirit of Friendship Festival must protect the rights of Sponsors and Partner companies whose support & investment is highly valued.

  • We reserve the right to restrict access to the Spirit of Friendship Festival logo where there are commercial interests which might be deemed to conflict with those of our Sponsors and Partners. We reserve the right to take legal action where infringements occur. If you require clarification or are in any doubt as to whether this applies to your event you are required to tell us. You should provide relevant details of commercial interests on your registration form - in all such circumstances use of the Festival logo is withheld pending our written approval.

  • The Spirit of Friendship Festival logo must not be used by you for commercial exploitation. To protect our Official Licensees, the Spirit of Friendship Festival logo cannot be used for direct commercial gain, e.g. printed on t-shirts or other saleable merchandise etc.

  • Events must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, codes and standards including but not limited to health and safety, equal opportunities, licensing, child protection etc - and event organisers should take independent legal advice as necessary. Your local authority is a good source of information.

  • Activities involving young people should only be undertaken with responsible adult supervision.

  • You must always remember that your event is being organised by you and not The Spirit of Friendship Festival. The Spirit of Friendship Festival does not accept any liability or responsibility for any event which uses The Spirit of Friendship Festival logo.

  • In all cases, you are required to have made adequate public liability and/or other relevant insurance for the activities proposed – bungee jumping and similar dangerous activities are specifically excluded.

  • The Spirit of Friendship Festival cannot provide funding for events. Funding for community based events may however be available from awards for all or via the National Lottery hotline 0845 2750 0000. Alternatively visit your local library or local authority for more information.

  • The Spirit of Friendship Festival is not to be used as a fund-raising vehicle. Street collections are not permitted.

  • Closing date for receipt of registration forms is 31 May 2002.

Design guidelines

  • Please adhere to our design guidelines at all times. We do not need to approve your design or artwork, but we do ask that the logo is always used in a tasteful way.

  • You must not alter the logo in any way or change the colours, typefaces or proportions of the logo and its elements.

  • Where possible the Spirit of Friendship logo should appear as the lead device in any publicity associated with your event.

  • The minimum size for the logo is 40 mm x 10 mm with an exclusive area around the Festival logo not less than 5mm.

  • You can access the logos from this site from February - ask your printer/designer to download your preferred logo.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions incorporate all the rules, guidelines and guidance for the inclusion of an Event in the Spirit of Friendship Festival and are set out in the factpack. M2002 reserves the right to notify an Event Organiser of additional terms in connection with a particular Event. If there is there is any conflict between the original terms and the subsequent terms imposed, then, unless otherwise notified, the subsequent terms and conditions will prevail.

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