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Spirit of Friendship Festival *

Registering your Spirit of Friendship Festival event and accessing logos

If you want to register an event which is being held between 11 March and 10 August 2002 as part of the Spirit of Friendship Festival please read the Guide for event organisers before registering.

You can email the registration form as an email attachment or print it and complete it by hand before returning by mail to:

The Spirit of Friendship Festival
Manchester 2002 Limited
Commonwealth House
22 Great Ancoats Street
Manchester M4 5AZ

Please ensure you complete all parts of the registration form to minimise any possible delays in your registration.

Event registration information

To register and organise an event for the Spirit of Friendship Festival you must comply with the terms and conditions which are listed below. Here are some general guidelines:

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions incorporate all the rules, guidelines and guidance for the inclusion of an Event in the Spirit of Friendship Festival and are set out in the fact pack. M2002 reserves the right to notify an Event Organiser of additional terms in connection with a particular Event. If there is there is any conflict between the original terms and the subsequent terms imposed, then, unless otherwise notified, the subsequent terms and conditions will prevail.

I agree to Spirit of Friendship terms and conditions and would like to register an event

I have registered an event and would like to download Spirit of Friendship logos for use in accordance with Spirit of Friendship terms and conditions.

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