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The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay

Towns on the Relay Route

Click on the links to view a detailed list of dates and places. (E) denotes evening celebration

DayDateRelay Route
1217 June 2002Gloucester to Bristol (E)
1318 June 2002Bridgwater to Penzance (E)
1419 June 2002Lands End to Exeter (E)
1520 June 2002Exeter to Bournemouth (E)
1621 June 2002Winchester to Southampton (E)
1722 June 2002Southampton to Brighton & Hove (E)
1823 June 2002Brighton & Hove to Canterbury (E)
1924 June 2002Canterbury to Southend-on-Sea (E)
2025 June 2002Southend-on-Sea to Ipswich (E)
2126 June 2002Ipswich to Norwich (E)
2227 June 2002Norwich to Newmarket (E)
2328 June 2002Newmarket to Luton (E)
2429 June 2002Luton to Leicester (E)
2530 June 2002Leicester to Mansfield (E)
2601 July 2002Nottingham to Lincoln (E)
2702 July 2002Lincoln to Grimsby (E)
2803 July 2002Grimsby to Sheffield (E)
2904 July 2002Sheffield to Bradford (E)
3005 July 2002Bradford to York (E)
3106 July 2002York to Middlesbrough (E)
3207 July 2002Middlesbrough to Washington (E)
3308 July 2002Sunderland to Berwick Upon Tweed (E)
3409 July 2002Berwick Upon Tweed to Newcastle Upon Tyne
3510 July 2002Newcastle Upon Tyne to Darlington (E)
3611 July 2002Darlington to Leeds (E)
3712 July 2002Greater London to Greater London
3813 July 2002Greater London to Greater London
3914 July 2002Greater London to Greater London
4015 July 2002Greater London to Oxford (E)
4116 July 2002Oxford to Coventry (E)
4217 July 2002Coventry to Hereford (E)
4318 July 2002Hereford to Birmingham (E)
4419 July 2002Birmingham to Stoke on Trent (E)
4520 July 2002Stoke on Trent to Chester (E)
4621 July 2002Chester to Liverpool (E)
4722 July 2002Liverpool to Carlisle (E)
4823 July 2002Hadrian's Wall (Birdoswald Roman Fort) to Rochdale (E)
4924 July 2002Rochdale to Manchester City (E)
5025 July 2002Manchester City to Opening Ceremony
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