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The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay *

Video shot list

Thursday, 25 July 2002

(AUDIO - Dual Mono)
Counter Location Info
0.00 Manchester Town Hall The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay left Manchester Town Hall this morning on the final leg of its journey before being delivered to the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Barbara Gordon from Cheadle was the first of 122 runners carrying the Baton through Rusholme, Didsbury, Cheadle, Altrincham, Trafford and Salford.
0.12 Shaun Goater began with Manchester United but eventually moved to Manchester City FC where he ran today.

He will also play the role of ambassador to the Bermudian Team for the Commonwealth Games.
0.37 Shaun handed on to Man City Ladies FC captain Jane Clark
1.05 Shaun Goater My heart started to..
…thoroughly enjoyed it.
1.24 Jane Clark Absolutely, Manchester City being captain of the ladies..
..and give the people a real lift
1.50Cora Margerison Jane running carried the Baton along further along Maine Rd before signing autographs.
2.05 Altrincham General shots children waving on… Commonwealth dancers in form of flag… more crowds…
2.43 Old Trafford Keith Barker, grandson of Clive Lloyd carrying Baton into the Old Trafford County Cricket Club.
2.50 School children lining the ground to form an entrance for Keith to bring in the Baton. And a welcome from Clive Lloyd.
Clive Lloyd You are now in a world class stadium…
..who are responsible for that.
3.50 Keith Barker…
3.55 Adam Meadows leaving Old Trafford Cricket ground.
4.10 Man United Football hero Denis Law exchanged the Baton with another David Sadler another stalwart from the sixties and early seventies…
4.27 …before the pair ran the Baton around the inside of the stadium.
4.36 Sadler then continued the Baton's run along Sir Matt Busby Way as it wound its way closer to the Opening Ceremony.

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