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Spectator information

Know your ticket

This section will give you a guided tour around your ticket.

Do you have tickets for more than one event in one day?
If you do, it is essential that you allow travelling time between events to ensure you do not miss your next session. Remember, travelling around Manchester during the Games will be time consuming due to large crowds, so it is critical that you plan your day, especially if you are going to more than one event.

Sample of ticket

1 - The entrance and block number
The entrance and block number of your allocated seat. Follow the signs to your entrance and block to locate your seat.

2 - The session reference code
The session reference code is a unique code created for each session.

3 - The seat location
The seat location is shown using up to four seating designators: entrance, block, row and seat.

4 - The date and time
The month, date and time of the session you are attending.

5 - The pictogram
This symbol is a sport specific pictogram identifying the sport you are attending.

6 - The value
The pound value of each ticket is shown with its price category. Price categories will range from the letter A (highest price) to D (lowest price).

7 - The venue
The venue name, sport, date and time of each session. Please carefully check the location of each session as some sports are being held in more than one venue.

8 - The ticket stub
This section is the ticket stub, which you must not detach before entering the venue. If the ticket stub is detached the ticket generally becomes invalid and the ticket holder will not be allowed to enter the venue. The numbers at the bottom of the ticket are used by staff for ticket validation.

Ticket verification
When you receive your tickets, please check your ticket quantity and event dates. If anything is incorrect, please contact 0870 162 2002 (minicom: 01782 741 904).

Where to get additional tickets
There may still be tickets available. Simply log on to our ticketing section , call the numbers above, visit your nearest Ticketmaster outlet or a venue box office. Remember, if you are collecting tickets from a box office make sure you bring along your credit card and reference number, and leave plenty of time for collection.

Safeguarding tickets
Look after your tickets. Lost, stolen, forgotten, mutilated or destroyed tickets can't be replaced and payment will not be refunded. Tickets that are unreadable due to mutilation of any kind will not be accepted for admission.

Change, cancellation and postponement
Due to the nature of an event of this size, changes, postponements or cancellations may occur. Wherever possible, any changes will be posted on this website and advertised in the media. Sports sessions will not be cancelled or postponed other than for reasons beyond our control.

Prohibited or restricted items
All spectators must consent to inspection for prohibited items. If you refuse inspection you may be denied entry and your tickets will not be refunded. Please refer to the list on the terms and conditions page.

Terms and conditions of ticket sales and venue entry
Spectators must agree to abide by all rules and safety regulations set out in the terms and conditions of ticket sales and venue entry. All rights reserved Manchester 2002 Limited, 2002. For more details, please refer to the full terms and conditions


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