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Spectator information

Terms and conditions

Ticket sales and venue entry

Tickets may not be resold or transferred.

Manchester 2002 Limited (M2002) will not be liable for stolen or counterfeit tickets purchased through unauthorised sources and reserves the right to refuse admission.

Tickets that are lost, stolen or destroyed will not be replaced and payment will not be refunded. Tickets that are unreadable due to mutilation of any kind will not be accepted. The use of tickets as prizes in lotteries and competitions is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing by M2002.

Spectators grant to M2002 and third parties reasonably authorised by M2002, permission to use photographs, film, tape, or other likenesses of spectators without compensation. Spectators may not use any images or recordings obtained by any device for any broadcast, publication or other commercial purpose nor bring into or operate within the venue any equipment that is capable of transmitting or receiving radio communications. The use of mobile phones is permitted except where stated otherwise or advised by staff at the venue. Flash photography is permitted at selected venues only.

Spectators may not solicit contributions or distribute literature at any venue, or wear or bring political, advertising, or other promotional items into the venue. Violators will be subject to ejection or confiscation of the offending material at our discretion. This includes any commercially branded materials/products, other than those distributed by Official Sponsors of the Commonwealth Games.

If a sports session is cancelled or postponed prior to commencement, ticket holders will have the right to exchange their ticket for a ticket of the same value to any subsequent session of that sport or another sport, subject to availability. The exchange must be made in person and the original ticket must be surrendered at the time of exchange. If a sports session is cancelled or postponed after it has commenced, ticket holders will not have the right to exchange their ticket or to receive a refund. Any changes in daily descriptions of sport sessions will not be cause for refunds or exchanges.

M2002 will not be liable for any delay in performing any of our obligations under these terms and conditions where such delay is beyond our control. Examples of circumstances beyond our control are strikes and exceptionally bad weather.

M2002 shall not be liable to spectators for personal injury or loss or damage caused to their personal property unless it is caused by its own, its agents', its employees' or its contractors' wilful or negligent act or omission.

Re-entry to a venue will not be permitted unless a spectator is in possession of a valid pass-out and a valid admission ticket for the session. Pass-outs will be issued by M2002 at its discretion.

Children under two years of age are admitted free, provided that they do not occupy a seat. There are no further concessions.

Spectators are restricted to ONE bag no larger than 30cm x 25cm x 15cm (12" x 10" x 6").

Spectators may not bring: alcohol; glass; cans; balls; frisbees or similar items; lasers or similar items; flagpoles, flags of non-participating nations; flags of participating nations larger than 1m x 2m (40" x 80"); banners larger than 1m x 2m; bicycles, scooters; skateboards or skates; or animals (except for service animals) into venues.

Prohibited items (items that are illegal under English law) are not permitted at M2002 venues. This includes items such as knives, firearms and ammunition, spray paint, fireworks, certain drugs, explosives, incendiary devices, and certain chemicals that a person carries without a reasonable excuse.

All spectators consent to inspection for such items. Persons refusing inspection may be denied entry.

Spectators must obey all reasonable notices and directions given by M2002 at venues. M2002 reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any spectator who in its reasonable opinion is disruptive to the event or the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other spectators, or commits any offence. A refund will not be given to anyone in these circumstances.

Spectators agree to abide by all other relevant rules and safety regulations, which may apply at the venue concerned in particular the venue operator's ground rules

All rights reserved Manchester 2002 Limited, 2002

Post-Games ticket enquiries
For post-Games ticket enquiries please refer to www.commonwealthgames.com or write to us, via email, at ticketing@manchester2002.co.uk or letter at:

M2002 Ticketing
2nd Floor
22 Great Ancoats Street
M4 5AZ

All enquiries must be postmarked for delivery to M2002 Ticketing no later than 19 August 2002.

Prohibited and restricted items and actions

Items and actions that are prohibited or restricted inside venues.

All spectators must consent to inspection for restricted and prohibited items. If you refuse inspection you may be denied entry and tickets will not be refunded. The following items and actions are restricted or prohibited and can't be brought into, or carried out, inside venues:

  • Alcoholic beverages (spectators are not permitted to take alcohol into venues, however it is available for purchase at some venues)
  • Smoking in non designated areas
  • Animals (except service dogs)
  • Balls, frisbees and similar items
  • Banners larger than 1m x 2m (40" x 80")
  • Flags larger than 1m x 2m (40" x 80") and/or flags of non-participating countries
  • Flag poles larger than 1m (40")
  • Glass and cans
  • Devices capable of causing disturbance (e.g. horns, trumpets, lasers) aren't permitted at: athletics (track and field), aquatics (diving and synchronised swimming), boxing and shooting events
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other skates (excluding motorised scooters for use by disabled spectators)
  • Outsized bags/coolbags. Bags must be less than 30cm x 25cm x 15cm (12" x 10" x 6"). Limit of one bag per person
  • Pushchairs in the seating areas of ticketed venues
  • Open umbrellas in the seating areas of ticketed venues
  • Gambling
  • Broadcast/recording equipment of non-rights holding broadcasters
  • Unauthorised broadcast through cellular phones or transmitting devices
  • Flash photography or other lighting devices during certain sessions at some venues (see venue plans for confirmation)
  • Signs (commercial, political, religious or offensive) and items of corporate branding used to attract attention
  • Equipment capable of transmitting or receiving radio communications. Mobile phones and pagers are permitted except where stated otherwise.
  • Prohibited items illegal under English Law (this includes items such as knives, firearms and ammunition, certain drugs, explosives, incendiary devices, spray paint, fireworks and certain chemicals carried without a reasonable excuse).
  • Any other items or actions which are deemed inappropriate or dangerous and could disturb the enjoyment of others
  • Participation in ambush marketing activity or sales of counterfeit goods
  • Unauthorised collection of money or commercial activity (e.g. busking, charities, collecting money, etc)
  • Political or religious rallies or demonstrations
  • Entering restricted access areas (including the field of play)
  • Obstructing gangways, access ways, entrance and exits, stairwells or any similar place
  • Dangerous or disruptive behaviour, including being under the influence of drink or drugs
  • Display or distribution of any commercial and unauthorised literature, advertising or promotional items (including commercially branded materials/products not distributed by official sponsors). If found, it will be confiscated and you risk being ejected from the venue


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