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Spectator information

Top tips for enjoying your day at the Games

This checklist summarises the key things you need to be aware of, and do, to have a great day at the XVII Commonwealth Games. You will find additional information on these items, and much more, in the rest of the spectator information section.

Manchester Metrolink

1. Tickets
Don't forget your tickets - treat them like cash and store them in a safe place until the Games. Forgotten, lost, defaced, damaged, destroyed, stolen and unreadable tickets will not be replaced. See full ticket terms and conditions. Distribute your tickets in advance to friends/family - venues cannot hold tickets for collection.

2. Event information
Check your Games ticket for the start times and locations of the sessions you're attending. Before you go, check for up-to-date information in the Manchester Evening News, on local radio BBC 2002 (97.7 FM) or The Games (87.7 FM) or by visiting this website. Event schedules or information may have changed since you received your tickets.

3. Plan ahead and allow plenty of time
Make sure you know how to get to your Games venue - refer to the maps and plans in the Guide. Allow plenty of time to travel to sessions and to complete security and ticket checks. For Sportcity venues, you should aim to be at the venue at least 1-2 hours before the event starts. See the example time planner here You may also need to build in walking times, particularly at Sportcity. Use public transport - see the recommended public transport options

4. What to bring, and what to leave at home
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes - you may be walking long distances. Bring one small bag (no bigger than 30cm x 25cm x 15cm or 12" x 10" x 6") for essentials. Leave coolbags and other large items at home as there are no cloakroom facilities at venues (see prohibited and restricted items). Be prepared for changeable weather conditions - bring suitable clothing for walking to and from venues. (as a courtesy to all spectators, open umbrellas are not permitted in the seating areas of venues during competition) You may want to bring binoculars to make sure you see all the action!

5. Meeting points
When you get to your destination, decide on a meeting point in case you get separated from your family/group. Try not to meet near arrival and departure areas as these may be crowded.

6. Children
When you first arrive, point out a member of Games staff and tell your child to ask them for help if they become lost. Make sure young children have their name and contact details pinned onto the inside of their clothing.

7. For your safety
All venues will have a screening process similar to that at airports. Have your bag and the contents of your pockets ready for inspection, and follow the advice of security staff for a smooth entry to venues. Emergency procedures.

8. Further information
For event and ticket information visit our ticketing section or call 0870 162 2002 (minicom: 01782 741 904). For transport information please visit the GMPTE website at www.gmpte.com/cg2002 or call 0161 228 7811 (telephone & minicom).

For up-to-date Games information and daily traffic news tune into BBC 2002 (97.7 FM) or The Games (87.7 FM).


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