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Spectator information

Venue information

This A-Z listing gives you all the general information you need about visiting Commonwealth Games sporting venues. For further details on a specific venue or to view venue maps visit our venues section

Cith of Manchester Stadium South stand

Alcohol must not be brought into any ticketed venue, however it is available for purchase and consumption inside most Commonwealth Games ticketed venues. You must be 18 years old or over to buy and/or consume alcohol in the UK and you may be asked to prove your age. Please note: it is a criminal offence to consume alcohol and carry open glasses, bottles or cans in non-designated areas within Manchester city centre.

For safety and security reasons, large bags, coolbags and picnic hampers are not permitted. You can bring ONE small bag no larger than 30cm x 25cm x 15cm (12" x 10" x 6").

Bicycle parking
Limited bicycle parking is available at or near all venues, however bikes are left at your own risk. Locks aren't provided.

There are no cloakrooms at ticketed venues, so travel light and leave bulky items at home.

Crew 2002
Crew 2002 are the volunteers and staff of the XVII Commonwealth Games who will be ready to help you at all Games venues. The Crew 2002 uniform is colour-coded: most Crew 2002 will be wearing purple, but you will also see some staff in red (medical volunteers) and jade (technical officials, e.g. referees, judges, etc.) Security staff will be in green with purple flashes.

Emergency procedures
In the event of an emergency:

  • Listen for announcements
  • Follow the instructions of safety stewards and emergency services
  • If evacuated, don't return to your car unless you are advised it is safe to do so
  • Don't use your mobile phone - it may jam up the network and impede those trying to help you.
If you are not allowed to return to your venue after an evacuation, advice on delays or abandonment of any sessions will be available on local radio and TV.

First aid and medical services
There are first aid and emergency medical services at all sporting venues. In an emergency, contact any staff member for assistance.

Food and drink
Each sporting venue has a range of catering products and services on site available for purchase and consumption. Eating and drinking within spectator seating areas is restricted at some venues. This will be clearly signed at venues where those restrictions apply.

Information points
There will be information points within venues (excluding road events), providing information and assistance for spectators - these are marked on the venue plans.

Lost and found
A lost and found service for both people and property will be available at information points at venues (excluding road events). Lost children should be reported to the nearest staff member. Consider pinning your child's name, address and phone number inside an item of clothing.

Merchandise outlets carrying a variety of official Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games products are conveniently located in or around all venues with the exception of Forum Centre, Wythenshawe, Bisley and road events. Merchandise is also available from the Arndale Centre, Trafford Centre, mail order and online

There are no cash machines at venues. Merchandise outlets and box offices accept cash, personal cheques (with guarantee card), debit cards and major credit cards. Catering outlets accept cash only.

Photography and filming
Photography and filming for personal purposes is permitted, however flash photography is restricted for certain sports. This will be indicated at the venue. Unauthorised commercial photography and filming is not permitted.

Prohibited and restricted items and actions
All spectators will be inspected for prohibited and restricted items before being allowed into venues. Make sure you allow time for this when planning your day. If you refuse inspection, you may be denied entry and your tickets will not be refunded.

Examples of restricted items include: alcohol, glass or cans; balls, frisbees or similar items; horns, trumpets or similar items; flags of non-participating nations; skateboards or skates; animals (except for service dogs). Prohibited items (items that are illegal under English law) include knives, firearms and ammunition, certain drugs, explosives, incendiary devices, and certain chemicals carried without a reasonable excuse. For a full list of prohibited and restricted items and actions see the Terms and Conditions

Pushchair/wheelchair storage
Pushchairs and wheelchairs (unless occupying a wheelchair position) are not allowed in the seating areas of ticketed venues. However, storage is available. See a member of staff for details.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
Manchester 2002 Limited has pledged to recycle, reuse or recover (burn to create energy) the maximum amount of rubbish created at the Games. You can play your part in realising this target by recycling all rubbish in the specially marked bins. There are two types of bins inside venues: one for plastic and one for general waste. Both types are clearly marked.

Re-entry to venues
Re-entry to a venue will not be permitted unless you have a valid pass-out. Pass-outs will be issued at Manchester 2002 Limited's discretion.

Road closures
A number of road events will take place around Manchester, Trafford, Salford Quays and Rivington. Road closures will be in effect at various locations during the running of these events, particularly in Manchester city centre and Salford Quays for the marathon and triathlon events on Sunday 28 July and Sunday 4 August. See the relevant venue plans for further details.

Services for disabled spectators
The XVII Commonwealth Games is an accessible event. See information on services for disabled spectators.

There will be security checks at all ticketed venues, similar to those at airports. Make sure you allow plenty of time for this in your journey plan. Following the advice in this guide and listening to the instructions of the security staff will ensure a smooth and speedy entry to venues.

Smoking is not allowed in the seating bowl of any venue. Designated smoking areas will be provided where possible. Smoking is completely prohibited in the Manchester Aquatics Centre, G-MEX, MICC, National Squash Centre and Table Tennis Centre.

Terms and conditions of entry
Spectators are bound by the terms and conditions of ticket sales as detailed in the Commonwealth Games 'Ticket Guide and Official Application Form' and terms of admission published by Manchester 2002 Limited (displayed at ticketed venues) You can see the full terms and conditions here

See ticket info for details on how to purchase further tickets, conditions of sale, and tips on keeping your tickets safe.


  • Plan your journey in advance
  • Allow plenty of time for your journey
  • Use public transport
  • Free shuttle services
  • No parking at venues (except Blue Badge holders)
  • If you drive, use park + rides


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