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Manchester's accommodation

Got a spare £1,000 handy? Then you could certainly blow the lot on one night in the lap of luxury in the penthouse of Manchesterís most prestigious new five star hotel. If, on the other hand, like the rest of us, your budget is a little more limited, youíll find that Manchester can suit most tastes, easily and comfortably, in the wide-ranging accommodation on offer within the city.

manchester architecture

The past few years have seen hotel after motel springing up all over the city in readiness for the Games. From cheap and cheerful business-orientated venues to the aforementioned jewel in Manchesterís hotel crown, the opportunity is there to visit our city and enjoy your stay in safe, pleasant surroundings at a price you can afford.

Most hotels are situated right in the heart of the city, making travel to many of the Games venues a mere formality. Youíll practically fall out of your bed every morning right onto a stream of bemused athletes!

Of course, the more you have available to spend will increase the luxury of your stay no end, but donít think you need to have that £1,000 at the ready before you can rest your head. Budget hotels will set you back around £45 a night while a stay in one of the more traditional city centre resting places costing from £55-£130 a night for a room.

manchester architecture

If youíre intending to make some new friends and acquaintances during your visit to Manchester, and you donít mind things getting a little more boisterous of an evening, then maybe a stopover at the cityís excellent Youth Hostel, situated next to the ancient Roman settlement in Castlefield, could be just what youíre after.

If bunking down with people youíve never met before is a touch too intimidating then private rooms are also available for a little extra.

manchester architecture

One thingís for sure, come Gamesí time beds will be at a premium so we heartily suggest your get your reservation in as soon as possible.

Then once youíve arrived, the only thing youíll need to worry about is remembering which hotel youíre staying in after a long night out enjoying Manchesterís contribution to the Friendly Games!

To ascertain specific information about accommodation availability and booking procedures contact Sportsworld, the M2002 Official Accommodation Management Company listed at the top right of this page, as well as other authorised information providers detailed on this page.

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