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The Games come to Manchester

25 July 2002 will signal the onset of one of England's greatest moments in sporting history, as the XVII Commonwealth Games take place on home soil. The Games will run for 10 days from Thursday 25 July to Sunday 4 August. More than 5,000 athletes will be welcomed from 72 competing Commonwealth countries and dependencies, representing one third of the world's population.

Manchester TownHall

The 2002 Games will be the biggest in the Games' 72 year history and the most significant multi-disciplined sporting event to be held in England since the 1948 Olympics, and is made even more poignant by taking place in the Queen's golden jubilee year.

As host city, Manchester provides a multi-cultural, yet intimate environment for the Games where athletes and spectators from across the globe will be warmly welcomed. It is a city of vitality and versatility which will provide sporting, leisure and accommodation facilities of the highest quality.

The major venues will be in the heart of the city centre, providing easy access for athletes, media, and spectators, enabling the sporting spectacle to combine seamlessly with a feast of art and culture.

State-of-the-art telecommunications, broadcasting and information technology will provide a cumulative global audience of over one billion viewers with pictures of the highest quality, enabling them to experience the excitement and drama of the Games, whilst supporting their teams from home.

The Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games are set to provide the right setting for the “Friendly Games” in the new millennium, and fulfil the potential of sportsmen and women from the Commonwealth, both for themselves and for their countries.

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