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Cayman Islands*Cayman Islands flag
Basic facts
The country 
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Capital: George Town
Area: 259 sq km; 100 sq miles
Population: 35,527 (July 2001 estimate)


Exports: Turtle products, manufactured consumer goods

Industry: Tourism, banking, insurance and finance, construction, construction materials, furniture

Agriculture: Vegetables, fruit; livestock, turtle farming

Currency: Caymanian dollar (CI$)

Natural resources: 


The people

Ethnic: Mixed 40 per cent, white 20 per cent, black 20 per cent, expatriates of various ethnic groups 20 per cent

Language: English

Religion: United Church (Presbyterian and Congregational), Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Church of God, other Protestant


The history

Independence: The Cayman Islands were colonised from Jamaica by the British during the 18th and 19th centuries. Administered by Jamaica from 1863, they remained a British dependency after 1962 when the former became independent.

Government: British crown colony

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