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Although conventionally referred to as one of the seven continents of the world, Europe is actually just the western fifth of the Eurasian land mass.Europe

The Commonwealth nations of Europe make up a total area of 254,2570000 square kilometres and have a combined population of 60,767,460.

The largest of the nations is England, with a population of 49, 089,000 and it is here, in Manchester, that the 2002 Commonwealth Games will be staged. The English language is one of the many unifying factors that these nations share.

At the XVI Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 the eight Commonwealth nations of Europe that participated came away with a combined total of 172 medals, 45 of which were gold.

England, as host nation, will be looking for their best ever medal haul in 2002 as they strive to knock Australia off the top of the medal table.

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