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Isle of Man*Isle of Man flag
Basic facts
The country 
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Capital: Douglas
Area: 572 sq km; 227 sq miles
Population: 73,117 (Estimated 2000)


Exports: tweeds, herring, processed shellfish, beef, lamb

Industry: financial services, light manufacturing, tourism

Agriculture: cereals, vegetables, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry

Currency: 1 Manx pound consisting of 100 pence (equivalent to sterling)

Natural resources: 


The people

Ethnic: Manx (Norse-Celtic descent), Briton

Language: English, Manx Gaelic

Religion: Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Society of Friends


The history

Independence: The Isle of Man has been under the British crown since 1765. Previously it had formed part of the Norwegian Kingdom of the Hebrides until it was ceded to Scotland in the 13th century.

Government: The Isle of Man is a UK Crown dependency and, by convention, the Crown is responsible for its defence, external relations and "ultimately the good government of the Island". Subject to these conventional responsibilities, the Island has a high degree of autonomy with its own legal system, judiciary, government and parliament, Tynwald, which celebrated its millennium in 1979 and lays claim to be the oldest parliament in the world in continuous existence. The Tynwald's lower house is called the House of Keys and the upper chambers are entitled the Legislative Council.

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