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*The Americas
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The countries that make up the Commonwealth of Nations in the region of the Americas are very diverse. Some have strong ties with Europe whereas others are more closely aligned with the West Indies.Americas

Canada is the second largest country in the world though it only has a population comparable with that of California; 28,846,761. The majority of the population live in the more temperate Southern territories avoiding the harsh arctic conditions found in the Northern territories.

The population is mainly of European descent and English and French are the most widely spoken languages. However this is changing as more people from Asian countries make it their home.

Guyana is located on the Northern coast of South America and is said to have more in common with the smaller islands of the West Indies than with the rest of South America. Belize is situated on the North Eastern coast of Central America and shares a border with both Guatemala and Mexico. It is notable that 86% of Belize is covered by forest.

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