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The history of aquatics

2500 BC
First Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting swimming

400 BC
Egyptians and Romans leisurely dived off cliffs

78 BC
Romans introduced swimming to Britain as a manly social event

36 BC
Japanese Emperor Suigiu encouraged swimming

7th Century
Plagues unnerved swimming during the Dark Ages

14th Century
Medieval knights try to master swimming in armour

15th Century
Swimming author Digby claimed humans better swimmers than fish

16th Century
Oxford and Cambridge University banned swimming after fatalities

16th Century
Medicinal value of natural spa springs discovered in Britain

18th Century
Sea swimming popularised by George III

18th Century
Acrobatic diving developed

A small race exposed Britain to Red Indian's 'crawl' style

First swimming championship debut in Sydney

Captain Webb pioneered the English Channel crossing

First diving competition, Germany

First women's championship, Scotland

The Federation Internationale de Natation de Amateur (FINA) formed

Johnny Weissmuller set 67 world swim records, and then became 'Tarzan'

Canadian sportswomen premiered synchronised swimming

Swimming and diving feature in the first Commonwealth Games, Hamilton, Canada

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