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Hockey equipment


Playing field
A hockey field should measure 91.40m x 55.0m and will be divided by a centre line and a 22-metre line on each half of the field. The goal circle is measured out 14 metres from each goal post.

Goals are 2.14m high, 3.66m wide by 1.22m deep.

Goalkeeper's equipment
Goalkeepers are allowed to wear protective headgear with full face protection as well as extra leg and arm padding.

Made of solid plastic, weighing between 155 and 163 grams and usually white in colour.

The stick consists of a straight handle with a curved head. The lower part of the stick's left-hand (playing side) is smooth and flat. The back of the stick (right-hand side or non-playing side) is smooth and rounded for the entire length of the stick. The stick cannot weigh more than 737 grams.

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