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Netball equipment

Netball Court

The court must have a firm surface, and for international matches held indoors, should preferably be a sprung wooden floor. It measures 30.5m long and 15.25m wide and is divided into three equal parts - a centre third and two goal thirds - by two transverse lines drawn parallel to the goal lines. A semi-circle with a radius of 4.9m, and with its centre at the mid-point of the goal line, is drawn in each goal third, this is called the goal circle. A circle 0.9m in diameter marks the centre of the court and is called the centre circle. All the lines are part of the court and are 50mm wide.

A vertical goalpost 3.05m high is placed at the mid-point of each goal line so the back of the post is outside of the Goal Line. For international matches, the goalpost should preferably be inserted into the ground or sleeved beneath the floor.

A metal ring with an internal diameter of 380mm, projects horizontally outwards from the top of the post. Its attachment allows a distance of 150mm between the post and the near side of the ring. The ring is made of steel rod 15mm in diameter, and is fitted with a net clearly visible and open at both ends. Both the ring and the net are part of the goalpost. The goalpost padding must be no more than 50mm thick, starting at the base and extending the full length of the post.

The ball shall be a netball and measure between 690mm 710 mm in circumference and weighing between 400 450 grams. The ball may be of leather, rubber or similar material.

Registered playing uniform, to include playing position initials, must be worn at all times.

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