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Rules of squash


A match is the best of five games. Each game is to nine points, unless the score reaches eight-all. At eight-all the receiver has to choose to play either to nine points or to ten points. There is no requirement that a player needs to be two points ahead to win a game.

Only the server scores points. When the server wins a rally he or she scores a point; when the receiver wins a rally he or she becomes the server.

Warm up

Before the start of a match, the two players are allowed up to 5 minutes (2 1/2 minutes on each side) to "warm-up" themselves and the ball on the match court.


Play commences with a service. The player to serve first is decided by the spin of a racket. Thereafter, the server continues serving until losing a rally, when the opponent becomes the server and the server becomes the receiver.

The player who wins the preceding game serves first in the next game.

To serve a player stands with at least part of one foot on the floor within the service box. For a service to be good, it is served directly onto the front wall above the service line and below the out line so that on its return, unless volleyed, it reaches the floor within the back quarter of the court opposite to the server's box.


After a good service has been delivered the players hit the ball in turn until one fails to make a good return.

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