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Weightlifting equipment


The bar
In the men's lifting, the steel bar is 2.2 metres long and weighs 20kg. For women, the bar is 2.01m long, with a weight of 15kg. Grip is improved because the surface of the bar is roughened, except in two places where it is smooth so it can roll across the thighs comfortably.

Each weight on the bar is coloured differently to signify its mass. Red is 25kg, blue 20, yellow 15, green 10, white 5, black 2.5 and chrome 1.25. Heavier weights are always placed on the inside of the bar. Steel collars, weighing 2.5kg each, secure the discs in place

Lifting platform
The lifting platform is made from wood and is a square measuring 4mx4m. Standing 10cm high it is positioned on a podium 1.5m from the ground.

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