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Weightlifting rules


The snatch is a lift where the barbell, or bar, is pulled directly from the platform to the full extent of the arms above the head in one continuous motion.


The clean-and-jerk consists of two separate movements. The clean involves pulling the bar from the floor to the shoulders while simultaneously dropping into a squat, then standing upright. Once steady the lifter bends the legs, then forces them apart while raising the bar to the full stretch of the arms vertically. They must then bring their feet together and await the referee's signal.


Each athlete has three attempts at the snatch, and three attempts at the clean-and-jerk attempting to make as heavy a lift as possible. The best weights in each discipline are then combined to give a total score. If two lifters finish with the same total, the one with the lower body weight places higher.

Other rules
  • An incomplete attempt that reaches knee height is declared no lift.
  • Any excess grease or lubricant on the lifter's thighs must be removed while the clock is ticking.
  • Only the feet may come into contact with the platform at any time.
  • Once a referee has given permission to lower the bar, the lifter must not release their grip until after the weight is below waist height.
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