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Rules of gymnastics


Only one attempt is allowed on each piece of apparatus.

Each gymnast may devise their own routines but certain criteria must be met to meet required skill factors. 'Spotters' may stand next to complex equipment such as the bars to prevent injury, but if help is required by the gymnast a penalty of 0.4 is taken from the final score, although they are allowed help into their starting positions for the rings and horizontal bars.


Difficulty judges confer after an exercise and give the routine a mark out of 10. Execution judges rate each performance in terms of form and skill. They give a mark out of ten, deducting fractions of points for errors. Minor errors cost 0.1 of a point; more serious errors cost see a deduction of 0.2, 0.3 or 0.4 of a point. If a gymnast falls from equipment half a point is deducted.

The highest and lowest scores awarded by the judges are discarded and the remaining scores are averaged to give the gymnast an overall mark.

Other rules
  • Bandages and leather grips may be used by contestants.
  • Unsporting behaviour incurs a judge's penalty.
  • An exercise may not be repeated unless the gymnast has been interrupted through no fault of their own.
  • Permission must be obtained before a gymnast can leave the arena.
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