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Elite Athletes with a Disability (EAD)

ead powerliftingThe XVII Commonwealth Games in Manchester will host the menís bench press multi-disability event for the first time, when the Commonwealth Games become the first wholly inclusive multi-sport competition, and medals won by Elite Athletes with a Disability count towards the overall medal table.

On 3 August the Manchester International Convention Centre will play host to the event in the evening. As the event is multi-disability all classes will lift together in the same competition with all lifters competing for the same gold medal.

In order to ensure fairness between competitors with different body weights, the Wilks coeffecient is used to calculate that ratio between each individual body weight against the weight they lift. In this way those who weigh less than other contestants can win the event if they lift more weight in ratio to their body weight.


  • Open to all physically disabled powerlifters of any bodyweight but not the visually impaired.

  • All lifters must have an internationally authorised classification at the time of entry and be the holder of an IPC Powerlifting Passport.

  • Maximum entry per country is two lifters

  • All lifters will lift together regardless of bodyweight.

  • Positions will be determined by the Wilks Formula. The lifter with the highest sum of best lift x Wilks coefficient will be the gold medal winner.

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