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Rules of wrestling


At international competition level there are two sets of rules that may be adopted for wrestling. However, the rule set adopted for the Commonwealth Games is freestyle (the other being Greco-roman).

The aim of wrestling is to pin your opponent. A pin is where the shoulders are held down to the mat for one second. A pin wins the match regardless of score.

Another way to win a match is by proving technical superiority. This is done by gaining a ten points lead at any stage against your opponent.

The match last a total of six minutes and is divided into two periods of three minutes. At the end if three or more points have been scored, then the wrestler with the most points wins. In the case of a draw or neither wrestler scoring three points, the match goes into overtime.

  • taking an opponent down to the mat in control scores one point.
  • holding an opponent with his shoulders exposed to the mat for five seconds scores one point.
  • turning an opponent's shoulders to the mat scores 2 points.
  • a high altitude throw which lands the opponent in a position of danger (i.e. his shoulders exposed to the mat) scores five points.
  • lifting an opponent off the ground and dumping him back to it scores five points.
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