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Use of natural resources

Transport and movement
Manchester’s venue strategy has been designed to minimise the distance travelled between the Games Village and other venues. Most of the venues and all of the facilities for the Commonwealth Games family are located within the city centre or within a 20 minute motorised journey of the Games Village. Many are within easy walking distance of each other.

The overall movement philosophy is to encourage the maximum use of Manchester's existing public transport networks and to expand these for the Games family.

To achieve this, M2002 will work closely with transport operators and attempt to integrate event entry with access to the city’s bus, rail and metrolink systems for spectators and volunteers.

Use of derelict land and existing urban infrastructure
Wherever possible, existing buildings have been used or refitted for the Commonwealth Games. Nine out of the thirteen sporting venues were already in use and all non-competition venues are pre-existing, which avoids the environmental impact of new construction. The Athletes’ Village is a perfect example of this principle because it utilises existing student accommodation in the Manchester University campus.

In the provision of new venues, maximum use has been made of derelict land. The development of Sportcity and the Aquatics Centre has seen the remediation and reclamation of over 40 hectares of underused urban land.

All of the new facilities have an identified afteruse either as a purpose-built sports facility for educational, community, training and competition purposes or for a community driven use.

The relocation of M2002 to its new headquarters at Commonwealth House on Great Ancoats Street will assist with the regeneration of the Northern Quarter and leave a lasting legacy of a reconditioned building in the context of an area undergoing major redevelopment.

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