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Athletes Village

Village facts

  • There will be approximately 11,000 keys distributed to athletes & officials in the Village.

  • Over the duration of the athletes stay in the Village over 200 housekeeping staff will clean around 83,500 rooms.

  • During the Commonwealth Games Village 25 day operating period, the beds will be made 120,500 times which would equal over 82 years of bed making for an average family of four.

  • The volume of toilet tissue to be used in the Village during the Games (if rolled out) will be 530 km (331 miles). That is equal to the distance from Manchester to Fort William in the north of Scotland.

  • The weight of linen to be laundered for the Commonwealth Games Village during the Games is estimated to equal 166,000 kg. For the average family of four, doing four loads of laundry per week with a typical washer and dryer, the Games volume would take 160 years to complete.

  • The number of towels that will be needed in the Commonwealth Games Village during the Games is estimated at around 120,000, which is over four kilometres high if folded and stacked, or 120 kilometres if laid end to end.

  • There will be 150,000 condoms available to the Residents of the Commonwealth Games Village.

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