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Your Games Time role

What is a functional area?

If you have been assigned a volunteer role, you will be working for a functional area of the XVII Commonwealth Games.

A functional area is the term used to describe the department responsible for the operating of different functions during Games time, e.g. transport, accreditation and technology.

Other responsibilities include

To provide a greater understanding, here is a brief summary of each functional area, which will help to give you a better idea of the type of work you may be involved in:

Accreditation: responsible for issuing identity passes. This involves identifying, registering and establishing eligibility of Games’ participants (officials, athletes, Crew 2002 and VIPs), so that they can be issued with a photo identity and access pass. This pass will then confirm to which Games venue and areas they have access.

Anti-doping: responsible for the testing of participating athletes for the use of prohibited drugs and substances.

Catering, cleaning & waste: responsible for managing catering, cleaning and waste contracts and services required at sport and non-sport venues.

Ceremonies: responsible for the opening, closing, and welcome ceremonies. The opening and closing ceremonies will be watched by over one billion people.

Commonwealth Games Associations (CGA) relations: responsible for liaising with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and Associations (CGA) regarding their roles and requirements for the event. They are the main point of contact with all CGAs on behalf of M2002.

Event services: provides ‘front of house’ services to spectators at each of the venues. Event services will make a major contribution to the success of the Games by providing highly-visible services during Games time. This will involve welcoming, directing and assisting spectators, checking tickets, staffing information booths and providing a Gamesmobility service for disabled spectators.

Media services: responsible for providing comprehensive media services for written, photographic and non-rights holding broadcast media during the event. Whatever your role, media services is the ‘window’ to the world!

Medical services: provides first aid for spectators at all sporting venues. Also provides medical services for athletes and Games family members.

Protocol services: responsible for providing a first-class service to the VIP population and the management of this group throughout the pre-Games and Games periods.

The Queen’s Jubilee Baton Relay: The Baton Relay is an essential part of Commonwealth Games history and allows millions of people an opportunity to be directly involved in the Games. This year the Relay is in honour of Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee. This functional area is responsible for co-ordinating The Queen’s Jubilee Baton Relay throughout various commonwealth countries including england, with the completion of the Relay incorporated into the opening ceremony.

Security: responsible for the provision of security services at all M2002 sport and non-sport venues to ensure the safety of all Games participants. This may involve liaising with venue management, welcoming, directing and assisting spectators, and providing directional information where necessary.

Sport: responsible for the planning and implementation of all sports to be competed at the Commonwealth Games and the provision of services to athletes at the venues. Sport is also responsible for liaising with international and national sports federations to ensure integrity in the delivery of all sport events.

  • Sports information services
  • Training, rostering and management of sport volunteers
  • Production, co-ordination and presentation of their event
  • Managing operations at training venues
  • Ensuring the competition runs smoothly and to the correct schedule and time
  • Liaising with other areas within the venue

Technology: responsible for the provision of all technology services for the XVII Commonwealth Games, with specific focus on providing accurate and timely systems to record and publish sport competition results.

Transport: responsible for providing transport services to all M2002 constituents including fleet operations, parking, Commonwealth Games family and spectator transportation systems. Transport maintains communication with transportation command centre, the venue command centre (VCC) and venue transportation managers to ensure effective operations.

Uniforms: it is essential that everyone can identify Crew 2002 – the face of the Games. This functional area is responsible for the sourcing and distribution of all M2002 official Games Time uniforms for paid staff, volunteers, selected contractors and technical officials.

Venues: responsible for the planning and management of venue operations at all M2002 sport and non-sport venues.

Victory ceremonies: responsible for the management of all victory ceremonies and the movement of victory ceremony participants.

Village operations: responsible for the planning and operations of the M2002 villages which includes the accommodation for athletes and technical officials.

Villages are responsible for the planning and operation of three Villages: the Commonwealth Games Village at the Fallowfield Campus of the University of Manchester; the Bisley Shooting Village at the University of Surrey in Guildford; and the Technical Officials’ Village in Manchester.

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