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Be a Volunteer


Remaining key dates in your volunteer calendar

If you have been successful in your application you may have already attended some training sessions. However if you have not yet attended any training you will be required to attend the following sessions:

Choose it

Choose it

You will be invited to one of the above dates according to the venue to which you have been assigned, and you will receive a leadership handbook. If you cannot attend your assigned day, phone 0870 241 7374 and we will try and re-arrange another date for you.

Orientation event

This major event will take place at the Manchester Evening News Arena on the evening of 22 April 2002. A motivational event with key messages, which brings together all Crew 2002 for the first time, this event will have guest speakers, performances and demonstrations, designed to give you a taste of Games time. Itís an event not to be missed so be sure to make a note of it in your diaries! Official Games time volunteers will be provided with a special entry pass which will be required to enter the arena on the night.

At this event, each Crew 2002 member will be issued with a commemorative binder, containing the orientation handbook. The binder also has space for your Crew Countdown newsletters and other training material you may receive.

Share it

Job specific training

Each functional area will invite their crew to a training session, which will fully prepare them to carry out their Games time role. Dates will be determined by functional areas.

Crew culture

Crew Culture is unique to Crew 2002, the TEAM who will deliver the best Games ever.

Crew Culture is what will set M2002 volunteers apart. We are all committed to giving great service Ė Crew Culture is about taking customer service to a higher level using the personality, experience, skills, culture and other unique qualities of each member of the crew.

British people are well known throughout the world for being polite and hospitable. Hosting the XVII Commonwealth Games in Manchester is our opportunity to show the world just how true this statement is.

Crew Culture is about giving people the space to be themselves.

Itís choosing to be positive and have fun while you are working, sharing this attitude with your team so that you all support each other to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience and then showing this to the spectators and everybody else at the Games so they can join in your fun and have an unforgettable experience as well.

Crew Culture is:

Show it

  • being genuine and sincere
  • making people feel valued and respected
  • going out of your way to assist people
  • working together and having fun
  • being well prepared to perform your role
  • and more.

If you are a member of Crew 2002 and you Choose it (the right attitude) Share it (with your team) and Show it (to everybody else) then Youíve got it! (Crew Culture)

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