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Volunteer Testimonials

"The XVII Commonwealth Games provides a wonderful opportunity to embrace and celebrate the diversity of our arts and to open our doors to the traditions and cultures of other Commonwealth nations."


Carolyn Blain

I am so happy and proud that Manchester is hosting the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the opportunity is being given for so many people to become involved as volunteers. It is a unique opportunity for thousands of us who want to make a contribution in ensuring every visitor, be they competitors, spectators, officials, press etc., really do get the maximum pleasure from their stay in the Greater Manchester area.

I love Manchester and feel immensely proud of it, and was eager to register as a volunteer.

So far, I have been involved in three projects. My reward was in the pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that in a very small way, I had made a contribution. Working on those projects gave me the opportunity to meet some of the people working in the Games' office. I was so impressed with them all, without exception, and it made me even keener to do all I could as a volunteer, to provide them with backup support whenever necessary in the time up to 25th July 2002, and during the period of the Games.

I would like to think that for many of those visiting Manchester for the Games, it will be a "taster", the region will benefit in future years from the goodwill created by the friendliest and the best band of volunteers ever!!!


John Chapman

"I volunteered because I am passionate about sport, and believe that the Commonwealth Games will provide a superb opportunity to showcase my hometown of Manchester. I have been delighted to discover an extra dimension - that of the camaraderie and friendship afforded to the volunteers by the Games Organisation."


Dorothy Gay

My name is Dorothy Gay, and I am the co-ordinator for the volunteers from the Trefoil Guilds in the Manchester area.

The Trefoil Guild is a non-uniformed section of the Guide Association, which enables men and women to maintain their links with Guiding. We give service in the community, by helping in schools, hospitals and hospices etc., and also fundraise for Guiding and other charities.

We volunteered to help at the Commonwealth Games Office as we believe this could be a once-in-a-lifetime event for the City, and will improve amenities in the communities of the surrounding areas.

Volunteering is a chance to make new friends, help other people and develop your own skills but most of all enjoy yourself!

The Games Offices have a very congenial atmosphere, and all the volunteers enjoy working there. The tasks are not arduous; there is lots of chat and refreshments available when required.

A pleasant way to spend a few hours every month!

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a volunteer just click this link!

Be a volunteer

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