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Boxing equipment


The ring
Bouts are conducted in a square ring measuring 6.1 metres inside the ropes on each side. The floor of the ring consists of canvas stretched over a soft underlay, and it extends 45.72 centimetres outside the ropes.

Each side of the ring has four ropes running parallel to it. The lowest one runs 40.66cm above the ground, and the ropes are 30.48cm apart.

Colours distinguish the corners of the ring. The corners occupied by the boxers are coloured red and blue, and the other two corners, called neutral corners, are white.

Commonwealth and general amateur boxing goves weigh in at 10 oz. for competitions and are specially designed to cushion the impact. White area denotes striking surface. Only straight contact with this white section can score points. The gloves are considerably thicker than those used in professional boxing, which carry no white zone.

Compulsory for all amateur competitions since 1984 world-wide.

All boxers will wear a coloured singlet

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