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Rules of boxing


A round begins when the bell sounds after the referee has checked that both boxers are properly attired and the ring is clear of obstructions. From then on boxers attempt to score points by landing good hits on their opponent. A hit is deemed to be good if it lands on the target area with force and is a clean shot. A point is gained by three or more of the five judges pressing the button on the computer score pad within one second of each other.

At the end of the bout the boxer with the most points is declared the winner. If both boxers have an equal score at the end of the bout, the computer performs a countback on the judges individual score - dropping the highest and lowest score. If still even the judges will be asked to press the red or blue button on their computer score pad using:
1. Leading off
2. style
3. defence to decide the winner.


A boxer is considered 'down' if any part of his body, other than his feet, touches the canvas or if he hangs helplessly on the ropes or if he is outside / partly outside the ropes or if following a hard punch he has not fallen and is not laying on the ropes but is in a distressed state and cannot, in the opinion of the referee, continue the bout.

As soon as he is considered down the referee will commence the count. The boxer cannot continue until the mandatory eight count is reached.

The bell can only save a boxer in the last round of the final of the competition and at no other time.

Other possible conclusions

If a referee decides one contestant is taking too much punishment, he can step in and stop the bout. A boxers corner may also 'throw in the towel' to prevent their boxer from receiving any further punishment if they are being hopelessly outclassed.

Injuries and cuts may also end a bout prematurely if the referee decides the injury is severe, he can stop the bout or may call the ringside doctor. He must then take the doctors advice if the doctor says stop. He will give the decision as RSC (Referee stopped contest). The ringside doctor may stop the bout by bringing to the attention of the President of the Jury. The President will then instruct the Timekeeper to sound the bell to end the contest.


Fouls will result in a caution from the referee. After 3 cautions for the same offence the referee must give a warning which will add 2 points to his opponents score IF the judges agree with the referees warning. Three warnings is an automatic disqualification but the referee may disqualify without previous warning if the offence is a serious one.

Common fouls are holding, hitting with the inside of the glove, and laying on.

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