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Gymnastics equipment


Covering an area of 12m square the floor must have an elasticity suited to powerful takeoffs and landings.

Men's vault table
The men's vaulting table is 1.35m high with a length of 1.20m and a width of 0.95m. The approach runway is one metre wide and no more than 25m long.

Women's vault table
The women's vaulting table stands shorter than the men's, at 1.25m high a length of 1.20m and a width of 0.95m. The approach runway is one metre wide.

Horizontal bar
The horizontal bar is constructed from polished steel and stands 2.60m high on uprights from the top of the mat. It is 2.5 metres long with a diameter of 28mm.

Parallel bars
The parallel bars consist of two wooden rails resting on supports 1.80m above the top of the the mats.

Pommel horse
The pommel horse is 1.05m high above the top of the mats and is 1.6m long across the top with two handles placed 40 to 45 centimetres apart.

Balance beam
The balance beam is a five-metre beam 10 centimetres wide and 1.25 metres above the floor. During a routine a gymnast must use the full length of the bar.

Uneven bars
The uneven bars consist of two bars, one situated 2.50m above the floor, the other 1.70m.

The rings stand at 2.55m above the top of the mats.

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