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Bouts to be decided by golden score

27 July 2002

For the first time in a major international tournament, Manchester 2002 will see Judo using a new ‘golden score’ system to decide bouts.

Judo image

The method has been trialled in a number of lower profile competitions over the last 18 months but the Commonwealth Games will see its first appearance on a wider stage.

If the trials prove successful, the system is likely to be introduced for future World Championships and Olympic Games.

According to M2002’s competition manager for Judo, Peter Holme, the innovation will produce a more exciting spectacle for spectators and judokas alike.

“Previously, when a contest ended equal after five minutes the referee and two judges used a number of criteria to decide a winner,” said Holme.

“This clearly wasn’t an ideal situation and it was decided that the sport would introduce a golden score system, rather like the one used in soccer.

“If a score is level at the end of five minutes of normal time, the clocks and scoreboard will be reset. The first score or penalty against will then decide the contest.

“As a result of this new ruling, fighters are trying to get a score all the way through the bout rather than coasting a little towards the end as was sometimes the case.

“The golden score should lead to far more exciting Judo and is an innovation that is well worth introducing into the rules of the sport.”

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