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England put Holt to Australia's bowling dominance

28 July 2002

David Holt gives Australia food for thought in the fours.

lawn bowls

Davit Holt proved that actions speak louder than words, sending out a clear message that England mean business in bowls.

England men’s fours need just one more win to secure a bronze medal after their 19-9 win over Australia.

Australia staged a late fightback in the last four ends after being down 15-5 in the 10th, but it was not enough, as England finished the match with a two-shot end for the win.

“It is particularly satisfying for me, because I’ve spent the last four months in Sydney playing. When I was there I was constantly told they are the best in the world.

”I hope this is shown all over the world - and especially in Australia - so they can all see.”

In the first game of the group fours, England demonstrated that they had all the credentials to go on and take the gold.

“After how we played today I am quite confident we can go all the way. All we have to do is win tomorrow and we are guaranteed a medal, which I’d be delighted with.

“But the colour I really want is gold, and I think it is well within our grasp.”

Holt was keen to add that the home support played a key part in his victory.

“It is absolutely fantastic, I have never seen anything like it. It makes a huge difference, especially as I am from Manchester.”

“There are a lot of people in the crowd I know, like my mum and my brother, who have hardly seen me play.”

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