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Scottish EAD triple bowlers pick up gold


Scotland won their first gold medal at lawn bowls in the EAD triples when they beat Wales by four shots.

lawn bowls

The Scots led for much of the match and, going into the final end, Wales needed three shots to draw level.

But halfway through the end, the rain, which had fallen steadily throughout the game, became heavy and left standing water on the green.

Scotland had already got one shot nearest the jack, but in the latter half of the end, neither skip could reach the head bowl through the puddles. Second David Heddleís shot was the end-winner, and Scotland took the match 12-8 to clinch top position on the rostrum.

Welsh skip, Kevin Woolmore commented afterwards: ďI donít know whether the game should have been stopped. If there was a few ends to go then maybe it would have been a good idea. Otherwise itís unfair to just go out and play one end.

ďIíve played in very similar conditions in Australia, with the same result - I just couldnít reach the greens. But this is the most important match Iíve ever played in these sorts of conditions.

ďObviously I would have preferred a gold, but Iím happy to have got the silver, because I donít think many people gave us a chance of getting out of the group.

ďItís one of the top honours in my career. Iíve not won any more important medals.Ē

Wales' Derek Dowling said of his silver medal: ďWe are happy. We would have been happier with a gold, but we didnít play as well. We dropped six shots in the first end, because it took us a few ends to get to grips with the green.

ďWe did really well on it, considering the conditions, and itís another medal for Wales. Itís a pity it wasnít gold, but itís second best.Ē

In the Womenís Pairs, New Zealand finished with a maximum eight-shot end to beat Australia 17-7. The two pairs were neck and neck for much of the match, but two shots in the 11th and the hotshot eight in the 15th gave the Kiwis a guaranteed bronze medal.

Englandís Womanís Pairs also booked themselves into medal contention with a convincing win over Northern Ireland.

The host nation pairing of Lynne Whitehead and Amy Gowshall dominated from the second end, which they won by four shots to put them 5-0 ahead.

The Northern Irish pair of Donna McNally and Barbara Cameron only managed to score in five ends in the match, which England won 16-7.

South Africa also won by a large margin to make it to the last four. They beat Scotland 21-5.

Wales trounced Jersey 24-10 to reach the semi-finals in a match which only required 14 ends. The Welsh pair were 15-3 up after five ends.

Had Jersey not won the 12th by four shots to make it 23-8, the score would have been even more embarrassing for the Channel Island Pair.

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